A Day in the life, 6.5mos

I haven't posted an updated schedule in a while! Life sure is more interesting now that these crazies are up and moving around so much more throughout the day! I'm so thankful we've kept a "rigid" schedule (I put that in quotes because not every day is perfect... Let's just say some are far, far from it). Their nap times, feed times, bath times, etc are all on schedule. Our typical day at home looks like this:

7:30: Wake up, diaper change, clothes change, morning bottle 8:00-9:30: tummy time, playmat, exersaucer, etc. 10:00: Morning nap in swings or rock n' plays 10:30: Diaper change and bottle 11:00-1:30: this is typically when I will go run errands with them if I need to. Otherwise we just play and walk around the house. Ill read books, etc. I can leave them on the playmat downstairs while I'm doing laundry or the dishes. Otherwise I'm out running errands with them and they may or may not nap during this time. 1:30: Bottle 2:00: LONG middle of the day nap in cribs. This typically lasts about 2hrs for all three. If one wakes up earlier then I rock and try to get back to sleep. 4:00: play mat, tummy time, exersaucer 4:30: Bottle 5:00-6:00: play time, tummy time, exersaucer, johnny jumper 6:00: recently we have been trying some "solids". I'll give them either pureed sweet potatoes or bananas here just because this is usually the most fussy time of the day and it gives us something to do rather than playing and getting upset. We don't even have highchairs, yet. hahaha I just sit them up in bumbos and spoon feed for now. 7:00: Bath time (we have to do them separately still since they can't sit independently. So, brandon washes and I dry/dress) 7:15: Night time bottle 7:30: Asleep in cribs with "swaddle me". Since they can roll now, I only swaddle their right arm in and leave left out so that if they roll on their bellies they can push themselves up.

Everyone drinks 6oz (except in the early morning 3/4/5am feed when they only get 4oz). I also have essential oils that I made a night time cream with. Its 2 tbsp of coconut oil with 5 drops each of lavender, peace & calming, and valor oils. I rub this on their feet and legs when putting their PJs on after their bath. Then I diffuse lavender in the diffuser I have in their nursery.

We typically spend 3-5 mins after everyone is in their cribs at night replacing pacis, but otherwise they usually fall asleep fairly quickly (and most of the time in the middle of drinking their last bottle haha)

Clara likes to "moan" herself to sleep. She does this moan thing thats not a cry but it puts her to sleep so we just let her do it. Olivia tends to talk herself to sleep and Jack usually goes down as soon as his head hits the bed. We don't have crib bumpers or anything else in their cribs. Its literally a mattress with a white sheet on top.

Their "middle of the night" has differed pretty much every single night. But, the most steady schedule we can see is that one or two will wake up around 4am and we will feed all 3 just 4oz and then they go right back down. But, this differs pretty much every single night. Sunday night they all slept until 5:30am, so I fed them 4oz and then still woke everyone up at 7:30am. Monday night Jack woke up at 3:30am so I just fed him and the girls slept 7-7. I'll take it! I didn't formally sleep train, and don't plan to. With them sleeping 8-12hr stretches, we are all still getting enough zzz's to make it through the day :)

I've included some "everyday" snap shots. Just hanging out!













I love these crazy kiddos more and more each passing day! It's hard to believe we spent so much of our lives without them in it. They're definitely right on that cusp of scooting/crawling. Clara rolls her way all the way across the room and Liv tucks her knees under and pushes herself across the play mat. Jack is definitely just a big pile o' lazy. God love him.