True life: Triplet edition

[in my strange haze and the combo of "end of the week", "you just worked 4 12s in a row", oh and the ever tiring "you have 5 month old triplets" fog, I wrote this blog post Friday and completely forgot to publish it. ha!] True life: I just sat in my car in the garage (turned off-- don't get crazy) for 5 mins with my eyes closed because there was finally silence and I needed the peace.

I told myself I would sit there until a baby told me it was time to move. Hahaha so that's what I did.

Background: Started the day at 7 and haven't stopped. We have been out of the house since 8:30am. Just got home at 4:45pm, and everyone is just so tired. No real naps, eating on the go. That 5mins of peace was the only time all day that all three have been asleep at the same time and for longer than 10 minutes. Phew! It was a sweet 5 minutes! 😂

In other news, we have three teethers! No sight of teeth yet, but lots of drool, grumpiness, and upset tummies [why is this a symptom of teething?! It's the worst!]

Teething has turned sweet jack into this clingy angry "I refuse to eat when you want me to" crazy baby!

Also, at 5 months and 1 week this is how much we weigh! Jackie: 13lbs 9oz Clara: 11lbs 1oz Olivia: 11lbs 5oz

Happy week! Oh wait! The week is over! Where did that go?? Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.


(PS since now it's Monday Have a grand ole week)




Oh and here's an adorable photo of Jack and Bear in a staring contest.