6 Months.

Olivia left, Jack middle, Clara right

Six Months.
SIX! Six? Half a year?!

I hate that I am writing this from a hospital room, but SO EXCITED we are over this hurdle with Clara and can start recovering! I feel like a HUGE burden has been lifted off our shoulders. Hopefully this means no more constant worrying that infections will return or having to give antibiotics everyday.

I cannot believe they are 6 months old. Time is FLYING by!! Everyone keeps telling us to "Enjoy their immobile times because when they start moving your life is over!" and I HATE hearing that! Every new activity they learn...rolling, laughing, scooting....It's SO much fun to watch them. And they're getting closer and closer to interacting more and more with each other. Right now they definitely know that another baby is there. Sometimes they lend a hand to each other to suck on. Sweet babies. and sometimes they use each other as foot rests or punching bags or pillows. I cannot wait until the endless chit chats start :)

Clara using Olivia as her footrest

As far as Clara's recovery goes, she is improving every minute. It was hard seeing her in so much pain yesterday. She has a fairly large incision on the right side of her abdomen and a drain coming from that. It was hard for me to hold her yesterday because I kept thinking I was causing her more pain than comfort. Once I got used to "protecting" her side by picking her up, holding and feeding/burping her in very specific ways, things got easier. She's only eating about 1-2oz of breastmilk every 1-3hours. Her appetite is much lower (prior to surgery she was drinking 6oz every 3hours). They gave her oxycodone and tylenol round the clock for the first 24hrs. The oxycodone made her REALLY loopy and dazed, but it was definitely comforting to know she was getting some relief.


This morning they took out her foley catheter and turned off her IV fluids. She's peeing all on her own, thank goodness. Later today they'll remove the drain from her side. We may POTENTIALLY go home tonight!

About a month ago, I ordered an essential oils starter kit [from Young Living] with hopes that I would find natural remedies for my family, knowing we were facing lots of medical hurdles with Clara. So far it has fixed sleep issues, allergies, bad household smells (dogs, diapers, etc), acne issues, muscle pains, and so much more!

10334315_10202179836084522_8681433519402525741_nI made sure to bring some with me to the hospital for Clara to help with sleep and pain. Last night she was so restless and in pain so I rubbed some lavender and almond oil on her chest and feet and she was able to fall asleep within minutes. I'm so impressed with the power these oils have and how much they've helped us! 
I also rolled some "stress away" oils on my wrists and the back of my neck to stay calm throughout the crazy this last week and all of yesterday.


Sleepy girl after her rub down with Lavender oil

Today ALSO marks half a year of me pumping! What a crazy journey THAT has been, but I'm happy to say I've been able to provide enough breastmilk for these littles so far! We do supplement with formula at night for longer sleep stretches and extra calories. It also gives me a chance to keep my freezer supply up so I may be able to stop sooner rather than later. I've also started mixing more formula in during the day so we can use all the free cans we received before they expire. Might as well use what we have! But all of their bottles are majority breastmilk. Their bellies are pretty sensitive and full formula bottles do not sit well.
I'll be sure to invite you to my "end of pumping" party I'm throwing. haha jkjkjk but that will be AN AWESOME DAY for me! being a slave to this pump has taken a toll!

I can't wait to get home and get Miss Clara fully recovered. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes! Her surgery went just as planned and we couldn't be happier. UNC has been AMAZING so far with their care for our baby girl.

View of UNC campus from our Pediatrics ward
IMG_3316 IMG_3314
Clara getting her cuddles in with Daddy this morning

And thanks to my Mom, Dad, and Kristy for holding down the fort with our other two crazies while we have been up here full time! I miss Jack and Liv SO MUCH.

We will be back to "normal" soon, I'm sure.
Wait...what is that again?!