This deserves its own post!

Aunt Kristen is the best! She sent Clara Jane THE BEST get well present EVER!!!!! {I think mommy loves it more}

There's a new Puff in town!




Background: Puffy is a puffalump brand stuffed animal. I got my own puffy (read: stole from my sister Kathleen) as a baby. When you think of the word inseparable, the first thing that should come to mind is me and puffy. I'm a grown adult and still sleep with puffy. Puff is my security blanket. Puff was brought up in my college psychology class and an entire lecture was based off of her. Puffy came to UNC last week for Clara's surgery. Puffy has been to numerous European countries, Hawaii, all across the us and back. I cannot not have Puff. My Puffy is a cowpig. I'm not ashamed of him/her (it changes gender daily) and everyone who knows me well will tell you. I'm sure they have their own stories about Puffy.

And now my Clara has her own!!!! Baby girl. Love it like I do.

Me & Puffy (and Nana) as a baby:


Me & Puffy in college:


Puffy today:


I was waiting for the day it would be appropriate for puff to have her own blog post! It has ARRIVED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My heart is so happy. She's in love already.