The Next Step for CJ

Friday was filled with tests for our Clara Jane. She had IV contrast injected and more imaging studies with catheters and my baby girl was not having a good day. We were able to take a break from the hospital at lunch and went to a nearby mall to walk around and relax a bit. We ended up leaving UNC Children's last night after her last nuclear medicine study around 4pm. And Dr. Sutherland called us at 8pm with the results. In the beginning of August Clara will have surgery to remove a section of her right kidney that's not profusing blood or producing urine. It's causing urine to be pulled back up into the working part of her right kidney and if it continues to sit in the kidney for too long she can get a massive infection that will likely spread to her blood stream (sepsis). None of this can be done laparoscopically or robotically because the blood vessels are too delicate and close together (since she's so little still) so they want to have the best possible view. 85% of kiddos that have this surgery to correct this issue have no further issues, but sometimes they need to go back in about a year later to fix other parts.

Good news? She has a fully functioning left kidney and ya don't actually need two kidneys to live. So even if she comes out of this with only one kidney, we're still doin alright.

She's had a low grade fever ever since coming home and has to take an antibiotic everyday as a preventative measure. My girl is just NOT feelin good. We are just staying on top of her round the clock Tylenol and rocking her as much as we can (since we also have two other little baby angels that need our lovin!) She spent some quality time with Nonna last night after puking up her bottle and Tylenol and anything else she could get up plus having a massive diaper blow out.

My mom is here to help us this week, Thank goodness. Our amazing Nanny, Kristy, was here all day the days we were up in Raleigh and Bri (night time sitter) came overnight to help Mom. We have been so lucky with all of our support!

Keep our CJ in your prayers in the coming weeks! Brandon and I are actually going to our church's Baptismal class (scheduled weeks ago) today. Let's hope we can get these babies Baptized before surgery!