Not really what we expected

Clara's surgery wasn't really what we thought it would be. Our {amazing} surgeon Dr. Sutherland said when he got into her bladder her anatomy was not what they expected. They weren't able to pop the ureterocele. We are now on a new road to find out what's going on with our sweet girl's kidney. Brandon, Clara and I are staying overnight here at UNC and having more imaging and studies tomorrow morning, some of which may take up to 5hrs to complete. By the end of tomorrow we should have a new plan, whether that's major surgery, minor surgery or just monitoring. All of the prayers, thoughts, comments, texts, and overall love is very much appreciated! 💗

Our baby girl, although in a good bit of pain, is a feisty little fighter!!

And don't fret- the Starbucks is in the hospital and open 24hrs a day/7days a week. God is definitely watching over us!!!!!