I did it!!!

There are two things I am proud of doing in the last week. #1: 1st weeklong family vacation at the beach. We just spent the last week on Folly Beach, SC for my family's annual 4th of July vacation/celebration! Caveat: I LOVE BEACH TRIPS!!! and I was so excited to take the babies on their first official one! I think I was more stressed about packing than I was the entire week we spent there. They were excellent in the car. We fed them, got on the road, stopped at Buckies (read: starbucks), and got to i95 and realized they needed to eat in another hour. HAHAHA! so, we stopped at South of the Border for a feed. [it was actually a trick. brandonwanted fireworks.]

IMG_1609 The Sube with our family all loaded up! There were two babies being fed via props when I ran out to take this photo. And Brandon is feeding one in the front. Ha.

We brought our Joovy Moon Room and that was the baby bed for the week. We did all of our diaper changing on the floor or our bed. [but, when at my parents beach house my mom had set up a diaper changing station since there were 6 babies there all week] We brought boppy loungers and bugaboo bliss bottle props for feeding time. Things worked out pretty well! There were stressful times. But, we did it! It was awesome!!!! and of course with 20ish Gasser's, you're bound to come home with some hilarious memories!!!

IMG_1667Big Cousin Evelyn watching over the babies IMG_1675IMG_1677

Mom and Jackie selfie after our first beach day!

IMG_1685 IMG_1726 IMG_1761 Great Grandpa Gasser with Jack and Clara + Nonno (My dad) with all 6 Grandkids! (5 within a year of each other!)

IMG_1768 IMG_1840 Lazy bum beach babies

IMG_1876 IMG_1879 IMG_1893 IMG_1908

IMG_1942 IMG_1962 IMG_1965 July 4th Fun!! My niece Amelia (Mimi) turns 1 on July 9th! So we celebrated with the whole family on the 4th.

WHAT A BLAST. and I am no longer a ghost!!!! WOO! got my tan (read: burn) on!! and that's with SPF75.

#2: I ran for the 1st time since I was 6 weeks pregnant. On a Monday I went for a 4 mile run. I knew I was pregnant but was damned if I didn't stay in shape throughout my pregnancy. I was roughly 6 weeks. The next day  I had an ultrasound and saw 3 babies dating 6 weeks and 1 day. and was immediately told no more exercising. WHAT THE?! yep. I haven't RUN since I was 6 weeks pregnant. I am 4 months postpartum and was mostly scared of running because I was scared of my BOOBS! hahahaha I know i know but they are really sensitive, ok?? Geez. I've been doing other kinds of light exercising but on September 15th I have to take my Army Physical Fitness test and I HAVE TO BE READY!

Today, I ran 2 miles. I DID IT! I strapped on some bras (no, Im not telling you how many) and got out there. Brandon rode his bike next to me to be my cheerleader hahahaha lazy bum. My new workout plan (with my new workout buddy Cate! sorry Cate, you're stuck now) is to run at least 4 times a week + pushups, sit-ups, and squats everyday. Ill start with 25 this week and every week go up by 5 until the test. I CAN DO THIS! I'm still cutting out soda! (i totally cheated over the holiday) And trying to consciously cut out candy. so, Here we go! If you knew me before pregnancy, you know how crazy I get when I get into a good workout routine. Let's see if I can tackle a half marathon in the fall. Triple stroller and all!!!!

IMG_1026IMG_6982 DONE!

[wpvideo XmndLTL9]

Can't wait for the challenge! I THRIVE ON CHALLENGES!!

Here's a comical photo to end on....

IMG_2003 Pumping on the go.