So, I get SO EXCITED because I am FINALLY remembering to do a "monthly photo" since the babies are 5 months old today. I grab my good Nikon--no SD card. I grab my Sony- battery dead. Phone? Dead. REALLY?? Worst. Mom. Ever. and Monthly stickers? NOPE! Never thought to order them off Etsy. And I can't start with stickers halfway through the first year! welp. grainy iPhone photos in the chair with a random stuffing-less animal from your crib it is. Poor kids. (hahaha.  yeah right poor kids)

New Stats on the Garay Triplets at 5 months old: -they are now getting to be pretty professional at tummy time (aka they lift their heads a bit and then scream because "wahhhh it's too heavy!!!") -can sit in their bumbos for a few minutes at a time before toppling over -still LOVE nap time in their swings and Mamaroos. -eat 5oz at every single feeding because they're piggies. -LOVE when I make a fool of myself dancing over them making crazy sounds -smile and laugh when talked to and tickled -Go to bed promptly after their 7pm feed and sleep until 4am!! -Girls wear a size 1-2 diapers and Jack is in size 2. -All of them wear size 3 months clothes.

Don't forget, everyone: Even though we are 5 months old, we are really only 3 months adjusted!

Mr Jack is, per usual, the most chill. Hangs out. Laughs, plays, talks talks talks talks. Is always and forever hungry. Miss Clara Jane is recovering. I still don't think she's 100% herself but we manage to get that crazy personality out during the day. She is far too cool for any of us. Miss Liv. HYSTERICAL. She's a mess. and will definitely be our first to roll over. our little party animal and has more days than the others where she just needs to be held. all day.

[ex: Brandon put Liv on her hoppy lounger on the floor and was changing Clara's diaper on the changing pad on the dresser. Feels a thud and something falling on his foot. It's an upside Olivia who FLUNG herself off the lounger and face first onto the floor.]

and without further ado.

IMG_2504 IMG_2496


Any guesses on who is who? Obviously Jackie is in the middle. :) I'll leave it up to ya'll to figure it out.




Clara Jane

My Sweet Girls IMG_2531 IMG_2528

and here's a little chat

[vimeo 101526402 w=500 h=281]

and some outtakes! IMG_2484 IMG_2482 IMG_2475 IMG_2471 IMG_2470 Really Ma?? We are over this.

{these are also the first ever outfits that Grandma and Grandpa bought us! [The Garays]}

Happy Hump Day!


Bad Mommy Moment: I labeled the individual photos wrong and mixed the girls up. Whoops. I'm blaming it on the fact that Im fresh off nightshift.