4weeks, 4months

I got this idea from another triplet mom. I'm loving it!!

20140715-210823-76103547.jpg Clara

20140715-210824-76104109.jpg Jack


They seem so HUGE in comparison to when we brought them home! I still can't believe they wore preemie clothes for another 3 weeks AFTER their NICU time!! I mean we still have a long ways to go. Next week they'll be 5 months and our Livvy girl is still swimming in some 3 month stuff. haaaaa poor kid. BUT she's the BEST at tummy time and they're all eating like maniacs! on a normal day they take in 25ounces each. Yesterday, Jack took in 29oz!!! FAT BOY! Really he has, like, no fat. He's SO long and lean.

{Check out that toupee of Liv's.... she did not get the best baby hair gene. good thing it all falls out!}


1293930537665_9473605 In honor of Miss Clara. I changed 10 poop diapers JUST FROM HER yesterday. Thank you antibiotics.