What a Crazy Week!

I HAVE BEEN A ZOMBIE this week. just wandering around. work home babies sleep work home babies sleep. My shifts have not only been odd hours but OH MY GOSH everyone wanted to have a baby this week. Culmination of the full moon, storms, AND Friday the 13th!!! Holy Crazy! I started the week with a panic moment on Monday! My shift on Tuesday was changed to help a coworker out and I was working 11am-11pm. Our nanny, Kristy, needed to leave by 5pm to attend her sons class award ceremony for the end of the school year, and Brandon was carting around a General for some dog-and-pony show for the day and wouldn't be able to get home until after 6:15pm! So, either the babies would need to fend for themselves from 5pm-???? (Whenever Brandon got home) or I needed to find a babysitter...AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

We haven't yet had anyone come over to just "watch the babies" for a short period of time. The two people we have as nannies worked for about a week alongside myself or my mom learning the feeding schedule, technique, day-to-day routines, etc. It's HARD with three to manage without a really REALLY good routine and schedule [as you've heard me yap about many a time on here!] I didn't want to throw someone in who was uncomfortable or scared. because even though they're pretty little humans....They're SCARY!!! especially during witching hour...

My friend and coworker Tiffany came through in the CLUTCH!!!!! She's out-processing from Fort Bragg right now (Boo!!!! heading to Fort Irwin, CA....) and not working the usual 12hr shifts. She was able to meet my nanny at the house around 5 and just stay until Brandon got home! She brought the CUTEST helper, Jack!! [and her husband. hehe] Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves! IMG_1283Jack and Jack!IMG_1284 IMG_1282 IMG_1280 IMG_1276 IMG_1278IMG_1251 IMG_1277I LOVE this picture!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Tiffany and Family! :)

Another exciting topic. Sleeping long periods of time at night. We officially have a PATTERN of the babies eating their last bottle for the night between 7&8pm. They get a bath every other night. Then we put them in woombie swaddles (here they are, they rock.) Sometimes the girls do this whine thing, and a paci fixes that immediately. Within 30 minutes they are all asleep. AND NO ONE WAKES UP UNTIL 4AM! When they're in bed at 8, that's EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP! they wake up at 4am and eat 4oz and then go back down until 8am. It's magical.

These babies ROCK. I come home from nightshift with the intention of going straight to bed. It never happens. I'm enamored with them and spend 1-2hours just hanging out until Kristy eventually forces me to go sleep. Thank goodness for Kristy or we would all be CRAZY!

Here are some photos from our week!

DSC_0008Olivia the party animal IMG_1190Clara just sitting how she wants on the Boppy Lounger. She don't care if it's wrong! IMG_1098Crazy, goofy Clara IMG_1178Wine, Paint and Canvas with friends!! Rita's masterpiece in the making. IMG_1182And some yummy Mexican afterwards! IMG_1183 IMG_1198I walked out of the room for 2 minutes to get a new tshirt and SOMEONE [olivia] thought it was hysterical that she puked on herself and then rolled off the pillow! I found her this way. Laughing at herself.

IMG_1266And last, but not least, our happy happy boy Jackie. He LOVES to chat.

I cannot believe we have 3.5month old babies! They go for their 4 month check up Wednesday the 18th. Cannot WAIT to see how much they weigh! It's my favorite part! (and then the least favorite part comes after...4 month shots. boo)

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!