Oh what a night.

Wanna know what a typical night is like for a mom of triplets??{3month old triplets, that is}

Let me just preface this by saying thank goodness I'm on nightshift and planned to be up all night anyways...

8:00pm- feed all three babies, bathe, swaddle and put to bed in cribs. Sound machine: on. All babies asleep within 3 minutes of heads to bed.

9:00pm- get in bed for a little catnap before staying up all night

12:00am- all three babies wake up simultaneously. Not screaming, which is good. But all awake and hungry. 12:05am- starting the rotation of diaper change, prop bottle, diaper change, prop bottle, diaper change, prop bottle.... Burp, reprop, burp, reprop... You get where I'm going with this. Finish feeding and burping all three and return to swaddles and cribs by 12:30am. (Average timing)

1:00am- mindlessly browsing the internet...

1:30am- gather all bottles, take down to wash. Empty nursery trash. Bring down and sort dirty laundry. Eat some random ground beef that I think was leftover taco meat?? A chocolate jello pudding pack, some crystal light. Lunch of champions. Finish cleaning the bottles and kitchen. Load the dishwasher.

2:30am- head up to pump. 2:40am- start pumping. 2:45am- Jack starts screaming. Go in and replace Jack's paci. Olivia starts choking. Run over, scoop her up and start patting her back pretty rough to get up whatever was in her throat. Change out Olivia's bedding since there's spit everywhere. Reswaddle. Return to crib with paci.

2:55am- return to chair to pump.

2:56am- Clara starts choking. Rip off pumping stuff, run to the nursery, scoop Clara up and start patting her back to clear her throat. She gags up something good, spitting snot and saliva out her nose and mouth all down her onesie and my shirt. Change her. Rock a bit to calm her down (choking scares them more than anything and it takes a while to calm them), reswaddle, return to crib with paci.

3:15am- pace in front of cribs for 3 mins to ensure everyone is actually sleeping and won't wake up once i walk out with the emergency of "my wubbanub fell out of my mouth because I fell asleep, I just woke up slightly to suck a bit, realized it wasn't where I left it (in my mouth), and now I'm panicking."

3:20am- return to room to pump. (Which I started to attempt 40mins ago)

3:35am- Jack gets startled by something, tangles himself in his swaddle, starts to panic. .... I wait a bit to see if he calms himself down..... No such luck.

3:40am- I realize 15mins of pumping is all I'll get tonight (hey, it's somethin). Return to nursery and nurse Jack even though I know he isn't hungry he's just frustrated. He immediately falls asleep at the boob within 1 minute of latching and sucking. Just sit there and rock/cuddle Jack and realize he won this time....

3:55am- Olivia chokes. Again. She seems to have cleared it on her own and is catching her breath as I put jack back in his crib.

4:00am- sit in the nursery and listen to Olivia grunt and try to distinguish it from "I'm trying to poop" grunts and "I'm having a hard time catching my breath after choking" grunts.

4:05am- burp Olivia a bit because I'm paranoid and can't leave the room without putting my hands on her after that 2nd little choking stint. Reswaddle, return to crib with paci.

4:08am- 2nd round of pacing in front of cribs begins. Decide that's pointless, so I put away milk that I pumped.

4:15am- start a load of laundry. Grab a snack. Write checks for the week.

4:20am-hear Olivia screaming.....go up and replace paci*

4:25am- head back downstairs just because I need to be somewhere other than the nursery for a bit.

4:30am- hear Jack's hungry cry. Head up and breastfeed him. He only eats for maybe 5mins and then continues to use me as a pacifier. Fooled me again, Jackman! We cuddle for a bit.

4:45am- Olivia starts with her hungry cry. I put Jack back in his crib, change Olivia's diaper and breastfeed her. ...she also only eats for 8-ish mins and falls asleep just as I hear Clara getting mad.

5:05am- Olivia and Jack go to swings out of desperation that they will actually fall asleep. I then grab Clara and breastfeed her.

5:15am- SUCCESS! Jack and Liv are both sleeping.... And BOTH have the hiccups...

I fall asleep in the chair with Clara and am woken up by Kristy (our Nanny) coming in just after 6am.

sweet salvation



*"replacing paci" is not always one simple step. Usually they decide to spit it out 4-5 times in a row and freak out each time that it's not in their mouth (well you just launched it across your crib!!) and so you end up standing there for 5mins holding the damn thing in until they decide they love it.