Fathers. (& 4month appointment weights!)

First off, I know I'm like 4 days late on this post, but ya know...4 month old triplets & working full time and all...yall understand :) Ive been wanting to write a post all about Brandon. Super Dad. Really. And I want to be totally honest. When I found out I was pregnant with three I was scared, y'all.  Brandon didn't grow up with lots of siblings, half his cousins are on the west coast. He tried getting babysitting jobs in high school but was always given the answer, "We'd really much rather hire a female, thanks though." To be quite honest I think he could have counted on one hand the number of diapers he had ever changed, let alone infants he had to watch.

ONE baby is a challenge for someone who has never taken care of a baby. we have that. x3. and its not just "diapers x3, bottles x3" its MUCH more. You'd think it would just be three times the work. Nope. Wrong. its TEN times the work. from DAY ONE he has been the best dad to these babies. After I delivered I think I saw him maybe 20mins total for 24hours? Where was he you ask? The NICU. he couldn't get enough of them from the start and that hasn't changed at all. He's obsessed. And anyone who has been around him with these kids can vouch for that.

Everyday he comes home from work and our nanny, Kristy, always laughs because before he changes, takes off his boots, or anything he HAS TO come and get a baby to hold and love and smell and kiss.

ALL DAY LONG when I'm home with them he sends these texts:

"I miss my babies" "All I really want to do today is give my babies all the kisses, all of them!" "I wish I was napping with my babies right now!" "Can you bring my babies to see me today?" "How about today I just take a baby to work with me. they can hang out under my desk!! It'll be fine."

my babies.

Every single night I get this: "Can just ONE of them come sleep in our bed tonight? PLEASE?!"

The Best doesn't even begin to cover it. Every weekend I work he's home alone with them. He grocery shops with them, bathes them, feeds them, takes them the Starbucks (of course...it's his second home)... ALONE. And not just that--He's also been the FIRST of us to do some of these things, ALONE!!

I'll admit it- I was terrified to do the nighttime routine on bath night alone. Him? EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. no biggie. 

And if I don't mention that every time he packs the diaper bag we never forget anything, he'd kill me. Because its true. Everytime I pack we forget at least one thing. The last few being the bottle warmer, nipples, and recently burp rags.

This guy, he's wrapped around their fingers so tight. 30 times over. and don't forget those toes!!! I'm so grateful his Dad was such an awesome one to teach him these things. and I'm so glad my Dad is the amazing man he is for teaching me the standard! It's hard not to take a trillion photos every time he's caught snuggling (which isn't hard to catch him doing since its, like, 4363times a day)

IMG_0368 IMG_0527 IMG_0598 DSC_0075IMG_0724

So, Happy Father's Day Brandon. I couldn't imagine this craziness with anyone else (and I don't think they'd survive it!!). You're, seriously, the most amazing.

Now, steering away from the mushy gush. That babies have weighed in this week, and who came in 1st place in the weight category but none other than the CHUNKO man himself, Jack! At 3 months and 25days the Garay triplets weigh:

Jackie: 11lbs 7oz

Clara Jane: 9lbs 11.8oz

Olivia: 9lbs 3.2oz

The girls have some catching up to do. I promise, I'm feeding them all the same stuff! Actually, apparently I'm not feeding  Jack ENOUGH volume for his length and weight! Woops...I think he's survivin, though.

I have one regret so far these last 4 months. I haven't done a monthly photo of each baby to trend their growth. I think I'll jump on that bandwagon (a little late in the game) starting this month. Monday is their actual 4 month bday. We will begin there.

The Developmental specialist were very, very impressed with our progress. The best part? All of the talking these babies are doing! (and no, crazies, they aren't saying actual words. just adorable sounds) Here's some of that cuteness:

[vimeo 98668381 w=500 h=889]

We have to work on the amount of tummy time we are doing daily to make sure the back of their heads don't get flat. We already do lots of tummy time but the more we do, the better!!


I work all weekend, nightshift, so I'll be thinking of the best way to take these monthly photos. I won't let y'all down, I promise!!! Now off I go to do tummy time...I hear some babies a-stirrin'!!