Triplets unite!

This weekend was all about hanging out with other triplets, apparently.

We were invited to a 1st birthday party for 1yr old boy/boy/boy triplets that live in our neighborhood. I'm terrible about remembering to take photos so I have very few from Saturday. I did, however, capture my 3 just being the life of the party. Not. They slept the whole time. haha

Olivia snuggling up with Clara's feet. haha

Jack being pretty sociable for the first 15mins

Clara and her prissy hands

It was awesome to see other triplets at a different age. Talking to Minji and Brian (their parents) and learning what our future holds. And of course everyone got their fair share of baby cuddles in. Glad we can provide the neighborhood with that. A good baby cuddle is pretty necessary for your sanity every now and then!


Look at how cuddly they are! Who can resist?

Saturday night we went on a family outing for dinner to one of our favorite pubs in Southern Pines, The Sly Fox. Right now they are at an awesome age to just cart around and hang out. They start disturbin the peace and we just shove an wubba in their mouth. Done. haha It's also nice for Brandon and I to be able to get out and get some normalcy back in our lives. We considered it a bit of a date night even though we had the whole fam in tow. Our littles enjoy date nights too!

Well, I had big plans for our Sunday. Big plans. But turns out when you don't drink alcohol for 9+ months your tolerance goes wayyyyyyyyyy down. So, I only finished half of my .5L beer. AND STILL I can't get myself out of bed until 11am on Sunday. (I promise I woke up every 4h to feed the babies, though. I didn't let them starve)

I wanted to hit up the "Triangle Moms of Twins and Triplets" Spring Festival, however.

Plan was: Meet the Cisar family (Amanda, Paul & their 6 littles) in Cary, NC. Head over to the festival for a bit and then head to lunch.

What actually happened: We met the Cisar family (fellow new triplet parents--except they also have 3 boys under the age of 5) at the flea market at the NC state fairgrounds. Had to convince our husbands that it WASN'T a good idea to take 9 kids into the gun show. Waited 45mins for 3 things of fries. hahaha Then collectively decided no one actually wanted to go to the Spring Festival so we just went to the restaurant and ate/drank/put on a show for a few hours. 4 adults & 9 kids to include two sets of triplets? It's like a traveling show. Amanda and I kept getting asked if we were sisters? Apparently everyone thought so because we both had triplets?... Hmm. No. we aren't. Turns out people other than siblings can have multiples. lol

Marshall being adorable

All 13 of us. hahaha Marshall, still, the only one cheesin.


Clara with prime seating...under the table


Liv and Jack

Asher and James with his beauuuutiful smile.

The Triplets! Marshall wanted to be in the special photo too. Only 6 days apart in age.


And their mammas. Posing in the parking lot. With the Street Signs. See Deanna?? We NEED YOU around us always to get good photos. Otherwise we end up in parking lots. posing with handicap signs.

I loved getting together with their family! It was so nice to have someone else needing to change and feed three babies in the middle of lunch and its just completely normal. Feeding one newborn while out and about? People don't even notice. Feeding three? It's a PRODUCTION. We decided that the next Garay/Cisar get together will have to involve more beer and less feeding in restaurants. Aka Summer bonfire/cook out. Cannot wait!

I start my first week of full 12-hr shifts tomorrow! And we are doing the night feeds without help until my Mom returns Monday night! Ah! I'm imagining a Monday full of coffee followed by a Tuesday full of naps. But, Bring it on! As B and I were saying in the car on the way home tonight- we wouldn't have it any other way. These little ones? Amazing. They've changed our lives for the better, 100% of the time.

Have a Fabulous week!