Two months old!!!!

I have three two month olds.What? It's almost May. What?

How is time passing this fast?

How have we already hit our Due Date?! So officially we are 2 months old, 2 days adjusted. (For preemies you give two ages. Actual age and adjusted age from their due date)

Today we went in for another developmental pediatric appointment for weight checks and a check in with the dietician.

Jack weighs a whopping 7lbs 8.8oz Clara Jane weighs 6lbs 12oz Olivia Kathleen weighs 6lbs 6oz

They all gained about an ounce a day which is Perfect!!!! After weight checks we had to get two month shots :( talk about a mamas broken heart. Those cries were so pitiful. Their little tears were the saddest things. Of course wubbanubs fixed it all right after. Wubbanubs and mommy or daddy cuddles. Nonna got some cuddles in too. I would have taken photos, but I was too busy feeling terrible about my three hurtin littles.

Of course the ride home for the girls was super peaceful because they were exhausted. Here's what it looked like once we got home:


Note: the SUPER prissy hands on my Clara girl.

Jack man didn't get tired he just got hangryyyyyy!!!!! Our ride home was full of paci replacing for my poor boy. He couldn't get home fast enough to down that bottle.

I've been kind of MIA after my little treat of a stomach bug a week and a half ago. That Sunday we went down to South Carolina to hang out with Nonna and Nonno for a week (my parents). It was amazing being there because all of my moms good friends came to help for feedings and both mom and me got to sleep!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Eubanks, Mrs Reese, Mrs Ribock, Mrs Duncan, Mrs Catchings, Ms Mooney-- y'all saved us last week!!

And two of my best friends Emily and Katie got to come meet my littles!!! It was fun being there but man was it good to get home and back to our little cribs. And this week is full of prepping for me to head back to work! Next Wednesday I'm back full time at work. The babies will stay home with our awesome awesome nanny Kristy while I'm working. Here's Kristy learning the ropes this week of bottle propping

Otherwise, I'm just attempting to catch up on sleep (will it ever happen?!) and getting all the time I can in while I'm still home with these precious ones before getting swept back into the craziness of work and daily life.

And now I'm off to take a nap because they're all asleep! And Kristy is here to save the day! Hopefully I'll be as comfy as this....