Perception vs. Reality, 6 weeks old!

Let me start this off with a little "perception vs. reality" moment My FAVORITE buzzfeed articles are the Pinterest FAIL pages. Here is the link to one...

Well, in my dazed pregnant state, I was setting up the nursery thinking "Man, I am definitely going to love having babies in here-perfectly organized all the time. Each baby in their own crib. All matching blanket sets out and cute. I just can't wait!" Well. That was my perception. And it worked that way for like 72hours. Then there were 3. In the same room. Wanting the same things all at the same time. This beautifully organized nursery where each baby had its own "spot" quickly turned into organized chaos. and here is my "perception vs. reality" photo. Only this is just the Reality part.

Not one baby in their crib. Remnants of a spot where a former feeding took place scattered on the floor. Swings upon swings, cradles upon cradles, non-matching blanket sets upon non-matching blanket sets. Clean folded clothes set out and not put away in the "perfectly organized dresser drawers".

and ya know what? I'm not scared to admit it. My gorgeously organized house- chaos at times. I feel like nothing has a place these days. But, who cares. caring for 3 babies has taken everyones time and filled it. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for Moms. My mom, Theresa, and Mother in law, Beth, have been getting up with us, doing night feedings AND somehow figuring out a way to keep laundry and dishes constantly going. Brandon and I would be lost under a mound of dirty bottles and baby clothes never to be found again if not for them.

One thing that Grandmas have yet to perfect...the swaddle. I will admit we are getting better, but here is how I found my Liv girl in the aftermath of a Grandma swaddle:

No worries- she was only like this for maybe 5 mins, and the fabric is breathable haha

A major question we get asked about is feeding. How is it done with all three? Where? How do you keep track of all that milk and bottles? Here are some of the tricks I have picked up from other triplet moms and use:

Babies are on a 4hr feeding schedule (right now its 3am/7am/11am/3pm/7pm/11pm) and they each take about 60-90mL per feed (Jack closer to 90, Girls right around 70/75). We are still using the "snappies" bottles we used to store milk in at the NICU and plain nipples. Right now they eat a total of approx. 1,350mLs a day. I am producing between 2,200 and 2,700mLs a day, so we have lots in storage.

We store the "ready to  use" milk in a mini fridge right inside the nursery door: the bucket on top of the fridge is dirty bottles

At feeding times we take out 3 or 4 snappies from the fridge and heat them in the crockpot at the "Bottle station": The crock pot stays on the low setting all day and night. Only takes 5 mins to warm a bottle (sometimes less).

Then the nipples just screw on top of the snappie bottle and its ready! If I suspect Jack is really hungry and would eat more than 75mLs (the high limit of the snappie bottles) then I will pour his and some extra into a Dr. Browns bottle. We are now adding 1tbsp of rice cereal to their bottles to help with acid reflux. The reason no one is sleeping flat in their cribs is because they puke after every feeding if jostled or laid flat. So, everyone sleeps in rock n' play cradles and gets rice cereal to thicken the milk until acid issues are better controlled.

We have two rocker/glider/recliner chairs in the nursery and one right outside in the hallway, so that if three people are feeding a baby then everyone has a spot to sit. If there are only two of us (and the occasional "one person feed" - yikes- ) this is what I do: Bottle Props! They are still really big for them, and I have to watch realllllly closely to make sure they don't choke or swallow too fast. But, for an emergency one person feed solution-this is it!

My milliondollar-invention idea: Preemie Boppy-style pillows (aka airplane neck pillows, renamed and in cuter patterns).  Boppy's are still WAY to big to sit in and eat because they slip side to side. and we just happen to have an over abundance of airplane neck pillows because someone in our household (me) goes to the airport and NEVER remembers a pillow. But CANNOT sleep on a plane without it. So, we are well stocked in the airplane neck pillow department.

The excess milk goes in the deep freezer in the garage (my mom is going to KILL me for posting this pic...)

all of those clear plastic bins- breastmilk. That huge hamper-breastmilk. We QUICKLY took it all out to make sure there wasn't frozen food hiding anywhere and make more room for milk.

So, that's that! Here are some more photos of the kiddos from my phone from the last week:

The girls trying to be pirates with their headbands

Jack smirking about being the 1st done with his feeding---everytime.


Our first walk around the neighborhood on a beautiful spring day!

Babies ready to party at our work Baby Shower yesterday!

I know, I put this at the end of EVERY POST, but...

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone who has sent us gifts, food, cards, etc. If I haven't sent you a thank you message or card, I'm so sorry- things are getting opened and put away faster than I can see who sent them and time is limited in this household recently. I'm so thankful for everything that's been done for our family.

Thank you Colette, Jennifer, and Cathy for putting together a baby shower for us at work! And those that came despite their crazy schedules, Ya'll are the best!

A little comical photo to end with:

Berets that were handmade given at their baby shower. we have a few months {potentially years} to grow into them.

Happy Wednesday! (it's wednesday right?!)