If you need a good laugh--

This only happens once or twice a day. Usually two wake up HANGRY and one waits a bit (if you are feeding solo) or the 2nd feeder wakes the 3rd one up. But, these babies were in RARE form Saturday morning while we were getting ready to go to the Dogwood Festival downtown!! (Excuse my "just got out of the shower" hairdo--I promise I took a blowdryer to it before leaving the house)

I recently posted this article to my Facebook about comments people make regarding multiples:

Written by a fellow MoM (Mom of Multiples). It describes literally almost every conversation I have with STRANGERS whenever I take the babies out of the house. Luckily, I recently bought the sunshades for the bassinets that attach to our stroller:


You can't really see into the stroller unless you are pushing it. Thus, strangers had NO IDEA how many babies were under that thing. And most people don't even notice the second bassinet on the bottom. SCORE! We were able to walk through the entire Dogwood Festival all day Saturday WITHOUT getting stopped 1,264 times to ask about the babies! When we had to employ the PRT (paci replacement team) and lift the shades whoever was around almost always commented "Oh! Twins! So cute!" since the girls were in the top bassinet together and I just smiled and said "Yep!" and kept on walkin. haha

But!!! WHAT A FEELING OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. Brandon and I left the house at noon. Met our friends Jenni & Pete out for lunch (who are expecting their own bundle of joy in 8 short weeks!!!) and went downtown for the festival. We didn't leave until 8pm to head home!!!! 2 feeds out and about-babies were SO WELL BEHAVED. It felt so good to be out of the house and behaving like normal humans with normal human interactions around people over the age of 9 weeks who aren't crazy sleep deprived (Like everyone that has been in my house over the last few weeks! hahaha!)

Other than starting to emerge from this baby cave of a household-other things I'm obsessed with these days are:

         +  The smell of a baby neck after a 3hr nap. After it's been marinating for 3 hours. Addiction.

         +  My littles' "rolls" that really aren't rolls at all and more just wrinkle lines.

         +  Linty baby toes. (how does so much lint gather in such a little area?!)

I think if there was no more food or water or oxygen I could survive solely on the smell of my babies. Just want to drive that point home. I'm addicted.

Something else I'm loving recently? People who spend some time with us and our littles tend to make this comment a lot:

"Are all babies this good or are ya'll just THAT lucky?"

I'd like to think we are just that lucky. We have some amazing little ones. They're starting to have more "awake time" in the middle of the day (thank heavens its not at 3am!) and I'm loving the alertness!

and here's a treat for ya.

Our AMAZING (have I said this enough about her?!) photographer Deanna Decker of Deanna Decker Photography ( sent me our prints of the babies' single shots from their newborn session! Here are a couple of my faves to close out your Sunday Night on a positively adorable note

Crazy Clara Jane


She is feisty.
Not pictured: the poop all over the blanket under her.


Olivia Kathleen

Small but sweet, for certain.


John Henry (or Benjamin Button here...)

That scrunchy worried face. those lips. to die for.

Prepare yourselves for some sappy sad mamma posts later this week as I return to work. My heart hurts thinking about it.

until then,

<3 Shan