I guess I'm not Immune...

Brandon has been down with this stomach virus going around since Sunday. I guess I was thinking that, ya know, I have three newborns to care for. Night and Day. There's no way I'll get this virus. I just can't happen. Oh, well it did. and more.

I started throwing up Thursday afternoon. After 6 rounds of throwing up, I went to the hospital for fluids & medication. I was not only diagnosed with the virus, but MASTITIS. again. Apparently I was running a 101.3 fever, too. Yuck.

To top it all off, my phone sat in water on my bedside table all night (from a cup of ginger ale's "sweat") and won't turn on. It's telling me to restore it on iTunes. So, I have attempted to restore it 4 times and it keeps resetting and saying I have to restore it. again. this sucks.


Needless to say, I'll be down for the count for a few days. phoneless.