Today they are 1 month old, and....


They're eating wonderfully, sleeping wonderfully, and pooping wonderfully. Time to come home ladies.

Poor Jack couldn't come with us because when he eats he sometimes get so relaxed his heart rate drops below 100. Every time this happens he buys himself 5 more days in the joint.

We went and picked up our girlies this morning from Cape Fear and have been having some serious celebration snuggles this afternoon!! Here are our coming home photos! Forgive me if this post isn't as long as you'd like....My world has just turned upside down. And I love it.

Had to get Jack in on the fun

Dad putting Clara in her carseat

Mom putting Liv in her carseat



Me -One Day old! haha thought I would throw this in for fun.

Happy One Month babies!!! I love you!