Sleep. Deprived.

Just a few mid-week thoughts I've had so far being a new mother of triplets. comfort is being able to sleep on your side or tummy without extreme pain or a large baby belly in the way. Last night I made it to my side for the whole night. It's the little milestones that make waking up a bit easier.

I guess I walk into the NICU everyday looking like a zombie because no less than 5 people a day tell me I look like I need to hibernate.

One thing I can go the rest of my life not hearing {and I would appreciate everyone else going the rest of their life not saying to me}: "you think you're exhausted now! You don't know exhaustion! Babies aren't even home yet!"

I'm doing my best to just think of these things as "helpful".............

I now have a mild case of Bell's palsy that they're attributing to stress and lack of sleep. Haha I will someday just fall asleep and not wake up for 4 days, but until then I'm enjoying spending as much time as I can with my munchkins! I won't ever get this time back. I will, however, get sleep back. And hopefully a non-droopy left side of my face. Hahahaha

And here is my new and improved nighttime pumping station my mom, Brandon and I have set up. (Getting myself used to actually getting out of bed every 3hrs at night)

Dog always included.

Happy Hump Day!