Our Time Starts Now.

We are all home.

in the same house.

under the same roof.

All 5 (actually usually around 7ish...we need a lot of help...)

And our time starts now

Wednesday my girls came home. Friday Jack came home. and we did it. We survived the NICU. Sometimes I never thought we would ever get out of that place. When we came to get Jack I dressed him so quickly, we were in and out with him in less than an hour. I said my goodbyes and will never look back. But, we could never thank our NICU teams of Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Social workers, Case managers, etc. enough. They were wonderful. We were so lucky to have them, yet I hope I never see them again in my life. HAHA ok, maybe if we run into each other in Target or something I'll be excited to see you. But, never again inside the walls of Cape Fear.

And so our journey begins.

What's our schedule, you ask?

Diaper change, eat, swaddle... next baby.

Diaper change, eat, swaddle...next baby.

Diaper change, eat, swaddle....nap.

Start all over.

Luckily at this point we have enough people in the house that we can always be feeding two or three at a time. And THANK HEAVENS for schedules. They are all on the same feeding times so when it's over there is time in between to sleep, do dishes, pick up the house, sleep, do some laundry, SLEEP. I would't at all say I'm exhausted. Haven't reached that point yet. Extremely overjoyed? Oh yeah. They eat every 3-4hours so I get a good amount of broken sleep during the night and day. Brandon is adjusting to fatherhood very well. His take on 3am feeds?

"It's just like waking up for fireguard...of course that's the worst shift, but pretty much the same thing."

Not Military? It's worth a google.

I love all of the little quintessential moments of having new babies in the house. Today's precious moment? Baby's first at-home bath. Tonight we bathed Clara and Liv. Here are some pretty hysterical photos from that

Now, Clara's first bath!

Crazy Liv's first bath!

Another major question we get is "How is Bear handling everything?" Answer: He's very concerned about the cleanliness of the Babies' face. I have NEVER seen this dog so calm. ever. he will sit with them all day if he could, but he can't. Because WHO is going to protect this house now? That's right. Bear. So, he figures out where everyone in the house is settled and places himself either in the middle (usually top of the stairs), at the front window (to see if anyone is at the door), or the window in the nursery overlooking the drive way. When a baby has been crying for longer than he would like he goes back and forth between cribs whining. He gets really upset if they spit up at all. Overall-he has taken on the role of protector pretty well. But, the biggest thing-LICKING THEIR FACES. New favorite Bear hobby. Don't worry- we stop him before he tries, but sometimes he just sneaks some in. Funny part--Babies don't seem to care all that much. They'll be dead asleep and get attacked by a Bear tongue and it don't phase them! Not worth waking up from a nap for, according to these kids. Amazing.

We are hoping the weather warms up here soon so that we can take some walks around the neighborhood. All the babies go for an appointment on Tuesday. That will be our first outing with all three. I'm sure to have some awesome tales, so stay tuned.

And what's that you say? Cape Fear in our rearview mirror.

Life is So Good.