One Week Old!


Welcome. You came to the right place :)

First let me tell you the progress my littles have made in one week of life.

Breathing: All babies are doing amazing breathing. No one has had a "spell" as they call it in the NICU (heart rate, respiratory rate or oxygen saturation drop). Babies have done so well in 5 days that they no longer need their oxygen saturation monitor and we are down to only EKGs (Heart Rate & Respiratory rate) {one cord, one cord!!} They are masters at the suck, swallow, breathe thing when breastfeeding. (Bottle feeding is a mighty different story)

Eating: All babies are on 3 breast/bottle feeds a day (they get 8 feeds a day total & the other 5 are tube feeds, hence the tube in their noses) I can only breastfeed them 2 of the 3 feeds because we have to space them out to make sure they don't get over tired (I don't come in for the 2:30am feed) They are masters at breastfeeding. (Olivia is catching up little by little---takes a bit longer to latch but once it's there, she goes to town) Bottle Feeding--HATE IT. Last night was their first bottle feed attempt. Clara and Olivia at least through 5mL and quit. Jack wouldn't even go for it. When they "fail" at a feed attempt they just get the rest of the feed through their tubes They are all on 20-30mL of breastmilk per tube feed. GROW BABIES GROW and it increases pretty much every day or two

Sleeping: THEY SLEEP ALL DAY. Jack is the heaviest sleeper. He eats, poops, & sleeps. When you wake him up he FREAKS out unless swaddled. That guy loves sleep. Clara is a mover in her sleep. Scoots everywhere in her crib. We really have to watch her. Olivia loves sleeping on her back and dangling her legs over her blanket roll. It looks like she's lounging on the beach. hilarious.

Once all babies reach 1800gms (4lbs-ish) they can move to an open crib! Hoping Jack hits that mid/end of this week. He is so close! Last weight tonight was 1720gms. The girls are a little behind. Clara is the bigger of the two. Olivia finally hit the 1600s today though! They'll probably be in open cribs in week 34 (They still "age" them by their "would be" gestational age)

I am obsessed with dressing them. The preemie outfits are killer. so many animal bums, it's to die for.

My Mother in Law, Beth (who has been here for 5 weeks!!! SUCH a huge help!) left on Saturday to get some R&R at home and my Mom replaced her! Grandma's have loved cuddling babies and let me tell you-these babies Eat. It. Up. They are so cuddly and nuzzle soooo hard. It's awesome to just rock and cuddle. Puts me to sleep reallllly fast. That smell and warmth. Addictive.

Babies have their "care times" every three hours. We take temperature, change diapers, assess, and feed during those. They like parents doing as much care as possible and believe me I do not mind!

My schedule every day: Wake up at 7am to pump At hospital by 10:30 am Start care time at 11:15am and move from baby to baby to baby  {takes about 2 full hours. 45 mins for each care time and then pump right after} Take a lunch break for an 30-45mins at 1:30pm Start care time again at 2:15pm, move from baby to baby to baby Finish at 4pm and pump before leaving hospital Home by 5, either sleep or relax from 5pm-7pm (AND EAT!) Back to hospital by 7:45/8pm Start care time at 8:15pm, move from baby to baby to baby Leave hospital between 10:15pm & 10:45pm Home no later than 11:30pm BED! [only to wake up every 3hrs and pump for 30mins]

It's crazy, but time goes by quickly. We have had so many visitors I can barely keep up! We love it! the best time to come is during 2:30 care time because they all get tube feeds and we can just sit and cuddle for 2 hours. It's amazing. No kids are allowed in the hospital under 12yrs old because of flu season and only one person can come back with me (or Brandon) because there is a maximum visitor limit at bedside of 2 people total.  But we love the company!

Ok, now that I've forced you to wait and read before seeing extreme adorable-ness {even though you probably just scrolled down immediately to look at them right away} Here we go!

Olivia on phototherapy for a day with her sweet shades

Olivia on the top, Clara on the bottom- Cute animal bum day!

Jack enjoying his tube feed and being SUPER tuckered out (Bear hats made by Karen Catchings! She's Amazing!!)

Brandon and I think they are Identical.What about ya'll? Clara giving attitude and Liv getting eskimo kisses

Jack 5 days old
Jack 5 days old
Olivia 5 days old
Olivia 5 days old
Clara 5 days old
Clara 5 days old

5 Day Old Footprints

HUGE DEAL: no one has Gasser toes (really Mokray toes...Mom...) All of their second toes are longer than their big toe! Woo!! If you have seen Gasser children feet you'll know why this is a big deal  (coughMaryFrancescough)

I'll definitely be doing weekly updates on babies, or whenever something super exciting happens! Mom is helping finish the house preparations for babies (they'll be home before we know it!) and taking over afternoon feeding with me when Brandon returns to work in 7 days. I am still in shock at how amazing these babies are. I miss them terribly every second I am away from them but happy I have an amazing support system to help me rest and recoup to be the best version of myself for these munchkins!

Side Note: People keep asking what we still need for the babies--There are odds and ends left on the registries (buy buy baby and target) like diaper pale liners and other things. That's pretty much all we are missing! Just fill in stuff! So, check the registries if interested!

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'Till next time! xoxo