My midnight meltdown.

SCENE: Shannon rocking two girls in the chair as they scream from hunger after just eating 1.5hrs prior... knowing that this will take an hour, then Jack will wake up and it'll be after midnight before we know it....

A little background:

Let me try to explain how important schedules are for preemie triplets. It literally drives your day and how they function. If one gets off by an hour then you end up feeding babies all day with no end in sight. No break.

Also of grave importance in preemie triplets- sleeping in between feeds. If they don't sleep they are burning calories. We cannot afford extra calories burned since it already takes an arm and a leg to get them to eat their full feeds anyways.

So-- what happened last night? Around their 9pm feeds I gave them some prune juice {as prescribed by our doctor} because they were having difficulties in the diaper area..... Well they unloaded the beast of poop explosions about an hour after their bottles. But, this left them hungry again after being pretty much cleaned out. Question of the night: Feed them at 10:30 even though their scheduled feed time is only 1.5hrs later at midnight? My sleep deprived answer: PANIC. we will never sleep again

Hahahaha. But, No for real.

I fed them for about 3 hrs straight- got the girls to sleep, Jack wakes up. Get jack to sleep- hello girls!

THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY for a fellow triplet mom. My neighbor Mandy who went through this only a year and a half ago talked me off the ledge at 12:30am. Told me what I need to do to get them back on schedule. Kept me calm and said it'll happen again eventually, but now I'll be prepared. Even offered to come over in the middle of the night to assist.

Mandy- you did more for me last night than you could ever imagine. I was able to sleep a little more soundly since they woke up on time for feeds around 3:30a and 6:30a. And just a little better sleep makes the world of difference.

ya know what?

Clara being adorable after probably pretending to be tired from only half of her bottle.


My Liv girl thinking she cannot suck one more time without just passing out from sheer exhaustion

Captain Bottle feeder ready for action

My first attempt at wrapping Jack in the Moby (he's my biggest cuddler & SUCH a mama's boy)

Just taking every day one feeding at a time. hahaha


(aka feed and change babies while I take a nap)

No just kidding. But really.