35 weeks, St Paddy's Day! (3 weeks, 1 day old)

Today would mark 35 weeks!

It's bittersweet for me since this was my goal all along during the pregnancy. But, I can't be too upset because I have three precious and extremely healthy babies and we cannot wait to get them home!!

Their feedings were increased this weekend. Before they were on what we call "Nipple 3 of 8". Meaning of the 8 feeds they get in a 24hr period, 3 of them can be by breast or bottle. Now, they have been moved to "Nipple every other." So, every other feed they get is by breast or bottle (and the other 4 are by feeding tube).

The progression for feeds from here will go "Nipple two of three", "Nipple all", and "Ad Lib" (meaning they can eat however much they want, whenever they wake up hungry). After a couple days of Ad Lib, their discharge will be discussed! Hoping it doesn't take longer than 2 weeks to progress.

Jack is now only a couple ounces away from 5lbs! The girls are mid 4lb-ers. They're getting so big, some of the preemie clothes we have been wearing don't even fit anymore in the length! We have some pretty long babies! Still pretty skinny though. But, I can see Miss Clara's chubby cheeks starting to come in.

It's so neat to see their personalities at such a young age! Clara is definitely our high maintenance child. She likes to eat as longggg as possible and when you THINK she is done, nope. Let's just make this an hour long breastfeeding session then....thanks girl. She also looks at you like you are CRAZY if you aren't doing exactly what she wants, when she wants it. Her "care time" is 30mins after Olivia's but the moment she hears you talking and feeding Liv...It's on. Whining, crying, flailing her arms around her crib. You name it. Olivia is peaceful...sometimes. She makes these faces as if to say, "Umm, you know I'm the most important one, right?" She is definitely fulfilling her name sake (My sister Kathleen) because she has an "I'm constantly smelling dog poop" face on when she's not sure what you're doing to her. and she is OH SO CUDDLY. to the point that if you don't rock her to sleep after feeding she will lay awake in her crib GLARING at you until you feel so bad about not rocking her that you put down whatever other baby is in your arms so that you can rock Princess Olivia to sleep. Guilt. Jack just goes with the flow. He never wakes up on his own to eat unless he just had a massive poop. He is our BEST bottle eater. My bets are that he is definitely going to be our first one home. He is also HUGE compared to the girls. His feet are massive. His hands are massive. His head is massive. As long as you come ready to feed him he will love you forever. He also ends up getting poop all over whatever he is wearing. Typical boy. He does this "super relaxed" pose when he's full and it's awesome. I hope someday to be as relaxed as he looks.

The Jack Pose

We got our prints of the photos we had taken the day of and after the babies were born! I've uploaded a few in a previous post of the day they were born. Here are some favorites of the day after-

JUST A REMINDER--our photographer is amazing and her page is www.facebook.com/deannadeckerphotography. Look her up if you're in the Raleigh area. 

Olivia Kathleen - Of course the day we get photos taken the NICU nurse decides to attempt to put an IV in Liv's forehead...and misses. Poor girl.

Grandma (Brandon's Mom) with Jack and Clara

Clara Jane


John Henry