2 weeks, and we welcome Mastitis

This post isn't going to be terribly long and informative. Mostly just photos. I just returned from the ER and was diagnosed with mastitis in the bottom of both breasts. My fever heading into the ER was pushing 103 degrees, I was freezing, dizzy, couldn't hold my head up, couldn't walk. It felt like I had taken 10 percocet at once. Terrible. Luckily IV tylenol broke my fever and decreased my headache. I was finally lucid after about two hours there. I was sent home on 14 days of antibiotics. Now for the really sad news- I can't see the babies in the NICU until I am fever-free for 24 hours. But, here are some adorable photos from last week and this week!!

Babies are all still progressing really well. Jack and Clara moved to open cribs Saturday and Sunday, and we are just waiting for Olivia to gain about 60g before she can make her way out of the isolette! Officially on feeder & growers status! Just upping feeds, monitoring weight gain and hoping they'll be able to come home in 2 or so weeks!

Jack before moving to his crib (I love baby feet)

Olivia before moving to the intermediate care nursery with her siblings (just a few days old)

Clara being cuddly and cute earlier this week

Nonna (my mom) holding Jack for the first time

Jack in his big boy bed!

Sweet Liv sleeping

Clara Jane in her Big Girl Bed!

Nonno (my dad) Holding Olivia for the 1st time

Jack being super sleepy during and after feeds (hahaha his open mouth...typical lazy boy)


Brandon feeding Olivia (above) and Jack (below). Jack was obviously more into the bottle feed...

And just an awesome quote to top it off:

Hoping I feel much better tomorrow and I don't spike anymore fevers! I DO NOT like being separated from my babies!!