Another Quick Update & New Weights on babes!

Cervix this morning is unchanged from yesterday which is really good. Babies are all still doing great. I had my growth scan this afternoon with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doc here at Cape Fear. Baby Weights are:

Jack: 2lbs 11oz, laying transverse low in my pelvis

Clara: 2lbs 9oz, laying right on top of Jack. Literally their heads are bumped up right next to each other. {she's obviously going to be a super cuddler or stage 5 clinger}

Olivia: 2lbs 8oz, laying transverse ALLLL the way at the top. smart kid. head is on the opposite side as the other two. She has all the room in the world up there to float. loving life. She's definitely our most peaceful baby babes.

Each weight is measuring either exactly on my dates or a few days ahead. At this point in the pregnancy for multiples the percentages of weight/growth doesn't really matter. unless they start measuring super small like under 10%. Ours are all nice and chunky! Yahoo!

For Me: I'm officially admitted on hospital bed rest until delivery. The doctor seemed to think it may happen sometime in the next 2 weeks judging by how quickly I started laboring Sunday night. At this point, if I go into labor we are just planning straight for delivery by c-section. I'm just hoping to make it to 30 weeks. 32 weeks would be unbelievable, but whatever happens happens! Thanks everyone for the calls and messages. We are now making long term plans for dogs, house keeping, etc. We have an awesome support system here and are extremely lucky for that!

If you're in the area feel free to stop by and visit! I'll be moving from labor and delivery to the antepartum ward as soon as a bed opens up for me. The staff here has been amazing and so supportive. I desperately wish I could be at my hospital with all my coworkers, but I am thankful we are getting great care either way for me and the babes. I'll be getting bi-weekly BPPs (Biophysical profiles) for the babies by ultrasound.

what's included in a BPP, you ask? 

Usually, five specific fetal attributes are studied and “scored” during the BPP:

Biophysical Attribute



Breathing1 breathing episode within 30 minutesNo breathing episodes within 30 minutes

Movement2 or more movements within 30 minutesless than 2 movements within 30 minutes

Muscle Tone1 or more episodes of active extension/flexion of limbs, etc. (i.e. opening and closing a hand).Slow extension/flexion of limbs, partially open fetal hand, etc

Heart Rate2 or more episodes of reactive heart rate acceleration within 20 min1 or more episodes of unreactive heart rate acceleration

Amniotic Fluid1 or more adequate pockets of fluidEither no pockets or inadequate pockets of fluid

They will be well monitored and I'll just keep the staff aware of my contraction patterns as they come and go! For now we are stable and comfortable and accepting that this is our new home for what we hope to be 2-4weeeks! I sure am going to miss seeing my puppies but Brandon assured me he would take adorable pictures of them daily {as if they take any other kind of photo}. Let's just hope I can find something other than online shopping to occupy my time here :P

Until next time! Let's hope it's drama free :D :D :D