28wks & a quick update from my hospital bed

Well! We have had an interesting couple of days. To tell you the truth I'm kind of unsure how long I've even been in the hospital thanks to my dazed and confused state over the last 24 hours. Sunday night I was watching Brandon finish up the nursery painting and {very sweet and nicely} instructing him where furniture goes (from my chair) when I noticed my normal irregular contractions had started to pick up in frequency. Sometimes this happens at night anyways, so I went to bed around 8:30pm because laying on my side and getting comfortable usually makes them spread out again. But, I laid in bed from 8:30-9:45pm and felt them get closer and closer and stronger and stronger and decided to head into Labor and Delivery Triage around 10pm. As soon as I got to triage they put a contraction and 3 heart rate monitors on my belly to trace the frequency of contractions and see how babies were tolerating it all.  As it turns out I was contracting every 2 minutes. Babies were {and still are} tolerating everything very well, luckily. They checked my cervix and it was still closed and thick. About an hour later the docs decided that due to the frequency of contractions and since they were getting more and more painful they wanted to admit and observe me, possibly starting me on some meds to stop the contractions. Around 11:45pm Sunday I was admitted to Womack's LND, got lots of fluid boluses and 2 oral pills that should usually help to stop or slow down preterm labor contractions {procardia}. The fluid and meds didn't do much at all and when they checked my cervix about an hour after being admitted it was changed from closed to 1cm. After that everything happened pretty fast. They called the nearest hospital with available NICU beds, incase I delivered--Womack's NICU is full right now, and quickly started the process of transferring me by ambulance to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center [Largest hospital in Fayetteville]. I was immediately given my first off two doses of Betamethsone {a steroid to help develop the babies' lungs faster if they do come this early} and started on Magnesium Sulfate through my IV {which I refer to as the devil's drug}.


Side Note: for those who have never experienced mag sulfate with a patient or for themselves, these are the lovely side effects--

It's a smooth muscle relaxer meaning once it starts I cannot get out of bed until a few hours after it is turned off because I literally cannot support my own body weight. They put a catheter in to drain my bladder. I immediately started feeling flush and hotter than hell. I also immediately started feeling violently ill and throwing up pretty much as soon as I was rolled out of the ambulance. It slurred my speech so I sounded like an old drunk man and could't really mentally process much of what people were asking me at all. I was being knocked in and out of this strange, uncomfortable sleep/half sleep state, had no idea any concept of time. Needless to say it was MISERABLE.


The normal dose of Magnesium is 2gm/hour, but of course I was getting 3gms because my contractions just wouldn't die down. That's another reason my side effects were so terrible. Brandon was such a trooper the whole time. I felt terrible for him! By the time we were settled in our room at Cape Fear it was 4am Monday morning and neither of us had slept since Saturday night. He got a quick cat nap in before heading home to care for the dogs and pack some bags for me. That was kind of his schedule all day yesterday. Running home in between naps to check on everything and grab what I needed.

THANK YOU GOD for Jenni and Pete Chorbajian {our very,very good friends here in Fayetteville who I also happened to go to CUA with :) } who took our furry friends in overnight so that Brandon could sleep here with my in the hospital. They seriously saved us in a time of need. PHEW!

So they rechecked my cervix once the Day-shift team came on Monday morning at 9am. I was changed from 1cm and thick to 1cm/70% thinned but still high. 12 hours later that check was, luckily, unchanged. All day long people came in and out and in and out from different departments of the hospital to discuss what would happen if these babies were born on Monday. NICU teams, anesthesia, OB docs, maternal fetal medicine docs, etc. It was a whirlwind and a HUGE slap in the face that we could have become parents to three very little babies yesterday. BIG REALITY CHECK: these babies have to come out sometime! I guess this means we need to start preparing?? oh man.

Anywho-- I was taken off the Mag {HALLELUJAH} at 12:30am Today (Tuesday) and was given the 2nd and final dose of betamethasone at that time. Contractions are still here but realllllly spread out for now. I got about 2-3hrs of broken sleep and they let me take off the baby monitors for a while to have a break. Hopefully when the day-shift team comes on this morning I can get my catheter out, take a much needed shower, and move over to the Antepartum unit for observation.

The plan from here is to monitor contractions for today. If they continue and pick up at all in frequency then I may be staying in the hospital for good until we meet these babies in 6-7weeks {fingers crossed!}. I'll have another growth scan this afternoon here in the hospital.

Thank you so much for all the messages and texts I received yesterday with well wishes and prayers! I'm sorry I didn't respond to everyone! I was pretty out of it and looking at my phone made me more sick. Just know, I got them all and appreciate them more than you know!

I'll do my best to update as we learn more about the long term plan. It is literally completely dependent on contractions and cervical change at this point. Keep those prayers coming! Hoping to get past 30 weeks before meeting these babies! WE CAN DO IT!

Love Ya'll!