16+4, Early gender guesses

THANK YOU JESUS for the second trimester.

I am officially off all of my medication I needed for nausea, migraines, etc etc. Just taking vitamins daily now. The 2nd trimester also brought a new house for the Garay's! Brandon and I bought a house in Spring Lake, NC and moved about two weeks ago. We have completely finished unpacking the inside (thanks to Brandon and our friends Jenni and Pete for doing all the heavy lifting and high reaching)! The doggies love living on the golf course and Brandon likes to pretend someday he will enjoy golfing as much as he enjoys drinking beer while someone else drives him around in a golfcart. 4.5 weeks ago I went back to work.

I'm supposed to be on a "modified" schedule and light-duty but when you're constantly short staffed and there's a random RN sitting around doing basically nothing (me) it's hard not to get involved somehow. It's been pretty tiring-I work 8 hr shifts 5/7 days a week and come home at night ready to go to bed by 8pm. But, I have a feeling it'll only get more tiring from here on out.

This week the ENTIRE FAMILY (siblings, nieces, nephews, parents, uncles, aunts...) went to Mexico for my cousin Jennifer's wedding. Unfortunately, I can't fly from here on out and Mexico is just basically out of the question according to my docs so Brandon and I are stuck in NC. Oh well. Three healthy babies will make it worth while.

Last week at work my Doc was on labor and delivery and decided to ultrasound me...FOREWARNING. This is a 5.5min long video haha.

AND I guess this also reveals to those who don't already know that it looks like we are having A Boy and Two Girls!!! This is only a suspicion from the last couple of scans. We will be told 100% at next week's 18week anatomy scan. But SO EXCITING!

Ok here is my updated belly photo! (exhausted after work and don't yet have ALL the photos on the wall...)


Annnndddd the video! Enjoy! (and watch for our little boy's surprise in the middle! Ha!)


Next friday is our 18week anatomy scan so I will have SO MANY MORE PHOTOS to post. And Mom will be here to see first hand (and help me organize the garage haha) CANNOT WAIT

until then...keep praying for my wiggly little babies and that they keep on growing! :P