There's HOW MANY?!

After over 7 months of trying for a baby, being placed on subcutaneous hormone injections (when clomid did nothing for a while) and an IUI, My husband and I got some crazy news. First of all, there are perks to my job. See, I'm a labor and delivery RN thus have access to doctors who I also call my friends. So, when I need labs drawn or an ultrasound... "Let's just go back to triage and see whats goin' on!" Perks like these have been a blessing to my sanity.

So, after the IUI I did my best not to make myself crazy. I like to tell my husband that it's not fair I know so much about conception and pregnancy. I know that I shouldn't check my Hcg levels everyday... so I checked them every other :/  One Saturday at work I noticed a spike in my labs... I balled like a baby. (and my hcg was only 51).

Fast-forward a week. I followed the up-ward trend of my hcg levels, called my doctor and scheduled an appointment.

August 20, 2013 I sat down for an ultrasound. This wasn't an ultrasound to see the babies since I was only 4w1d. He wanted to check my ovaries since my belly started swelling and my hormone levels were crazy.  They took a look at my ovaries and noticed they are the size of grapefruits (bleh!) resulting in no work for me for the ENITRE FIRST TRIMESTER. But before they took out the ultrasound she took a quick look at my uterus. And this is what she saw...


I dont know how clear that is to others but the random white blob amidst all the black is my uterus. the circles in the white blob....well folks, those are BABIES. At first they thought they saw not 1, not 2, not even 3, but FOUR BABIES. in my belly. all at once.