the triplets.

John Henry - "Jack"
Clara Jane
Olivia Kathleen - "Liv"

Since their birth in February of 2014 at 31 weeks and 6 days, they've been an adventure. 
They came out complete healthy, defying all odds. We've been insanely blessed with their progress and, after developmental and physical therapy on our side for the first two years, they were completely cleared of any delays from their premature birth! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Clara and Olivia are Identical Twins, and Jack is... oh jack. He's usually just off in his own world. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


OHHHH, my sweet Stella Bella. 
THIS GIRL IS CRAZY, Y'ALL. As crazy as crazy comes.

She joined our lives when the Trips were 21 months. She spent about 8 months sleeping. Once she got the hang of eating, she's made it her life long goal to eat us out of house and home. 
She's our only baby with a Puerto Rican name (middle name "Armida" after her paternal grandmother), except the girl has no pigment in her skin at all. Im convinced she's paler than me. 

She's a hoot and quite possibly more obsessed with babies than I am.


Mamma of 5. 

they just all happen to be under the age of 4: Triplets, 18months, and new.

active duty army nurse.

Spending my days helping women bring their sweet babes into the world while also serving the country.

young living diamond.

Spending all my other time educating everyone around me on essential oils and the goodness they've brought to our lives. I've been a part of Young Living for 3 years and it's unlocked a real passion I never thought I'd crave.

controller of organized chaos.

Exactly what it sounds like. Follow along for the crazy πŸ˜‚



the peacekeeper of the chaos. 
Bran is here to save the day, everyday. He handles all my crazy with amazing grace and buys into all my huge, gigantic dreams as if they're his own. 
He's soon finishing his commitment to the Army, and will be working that WAHD/SAHD life until we move onto our next adventure!

He's the real MVP here, let's be real.

also, the man looks GREAT in a suit, y'all.

OH and you can listen to all of his ridiculousness over at www.guygirloil.com